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      1.     Application  >  Agitator Seal  >

        High-temperature and high-risk at the bottom of the agitator seal system (the first domestic integrated transformation)
        Medium: acetate, PX, catalyst
        Operating temperature: 190 ℃
        Operating pressure: 11.6 bar
        Rotational speed ??:5-8 rpm
        Flushing program: PLAN 32 +54 +52
        Shaft diameter: 230 mm



        Large high pressure shaft bottom agitator seal (domestic exclusive)
        Medium: polypropylene, polyethylene,
        Operating temperature: 90 ℃
        Operating pressure:44-45 bar
        Rotational speed??: 30 rpm
        Flushing program: PLAN 32 +54
        Shaft diameter: 380 mm